Fresh Sausages

At Pottstown Meat and Deli, we make over 50 different sausages: smoked, cured, fresh and fermented. We do not always have them all on hand all the time, but we do try to make most of them available. Our sausages are made from Premium Standard Farm pork, so you can be assured that our sausages are hormone and antibiotic free.

Original Bratwurst - Our most popular fresh sausage. This mild flavored favorite is great grilled, baked, broiled or any way you prefer. We make these as a raw sausage and as a precooked sausage (great for grilling)
Beer Brats - German brat with beer flavor

Swiss Brats - Traditional, straight from Switzerland, little spicy with a touch of onion and pepper.

Munich Brats - One of our favorites, this traditional European brat has a hint of lemon and parsley

Cajun Brats - A spicy, Louisiana style brat

Steak Brats - Seasoned similar to out German American Style, but made entirely of USDA choice beef

Mushroom Brats - Fresh mushrooms are packed into our original brats.

Onion & Garlic Brats - Two great flavors blended for one great sausage.

Andouille (available in smoked or fresh) - This French Cajun Sausage has mild heat. Seasonings include white, black and red peppers. This goes great in Cajun recipes.

Chorizo - Spanish/Mexican style sausage that tastes a lot like seasoned taco meat. Great with scrambled eggs or in cheese dips!

Sundried Tomato with Basil Sausage - Italian herbs and parmesan are blended for a great tasting dinner sausage

Garlic Brats - Robust garlic flavor - great grilled or baked!

Jalapeno Brats - Traditional Brats with spicy jalapeno peppers added for a bolder flavor!

Maple Sausage - Great maple syrup flavor and aroma, this sausage will make breakfast a feast!

Apple Cinnamon Sausage - We start with our maple sausage and add apples and cinnamon. It’s great for breakfast or stuffed into chicken and baked. Just one taste and you are sure to love it!

Old Fashioned Sage Sausage - This is the same recipe that our father and grandfather used for over 40 years, seasoned with salt, pepper, sage and sugar. We offer it bulk or country style linked.

Italian Sausage - This popular sausage is seasoned with Italian herbs, garlic, oregano, red pepper and more. Also available in sweet, a variation with no peppers and a touch of sugar.

Polish Sausage - Fresh sausage with great Polish flavor.

Easter/Lenten Sausage - Also known as Veal Bockwurst, this exclusively veal sausage is available during the Easter season. This sausage is mild, but very tasty baked or grilled.

Potato Sausage - Our latest creation!  Lean pork, with onion and shredded potatoes.  Great as a breakfast or dinner sausage.