Premium Standard Pork

At Barth's Pottstown Meat & Deli, we carry pork from the premier company in pork products.  Premium Standard Farms (PSF) has raised the bar high when it comes to raising and processing the best pork around.

Food Safety Based Control System

Food safety conditions are reviewed throughout the process to ensure the quality and safety of their pork.

Meat Quality Evaluation

Premium Standard Farms has programs designed to continuously assess the effect of farm and plant processes on meat quality traits.

Source Verification

PSF is a fully vertically integrated pork producer which can trace processing product for a given day's production back to the farms where the animals were raised.

Safe Animal Handling

Premium Standard Farms is committed to proper animal handling at its processing facilities. 

Environmental System Management

PSF is committed to environmental stewardship with the goal to protect the quality of the environment by evaluating and improving the waste management systems.

Antibiotic Free Program

At Premium Standard Farms, all antibiotic free products derive from market animals that have never received antibiotics through feed, water, or via injection from birth to slaughter.